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Mini 900 Update

Software upgrade: 3.0     Firmware version:


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ND900 Update

Software upgrade: 5.5     Firmware version:


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Mini900 Firmware Update History


2018-12-17 firmware version:

Increase: Hitag AES (7A), 88 and other chip recognition
Increase: YS31, YS41, 4C, 4D, 64 types of chips copy each other, generate
Increase: 8A Smart Card Type Differentiation
Increase: Judging whether the 8A Toyota Card is locked
Optimize: 3A, 88, 8E chip information display

2017-09-08 firmware version:

FIX TOYOTA 8A key lost

2017-08-27 firmware version:

ADD partial 48 decoding

2017-08-13 firmware version:

ADD Toyota71,74.8A Smart Key ADD and DELETE through OBDII
ADD Toyota71,74,8A Smart key Total loss matching
ADD Toyota 8A smart Key RENEW
ADD 8E Bank Data read,CS crypto Programming.CS Unlock
ADD Partial 48 Decoding and Copy.Shoddy 48 identification
ADD H ITAG VAG identification
Optimize TOYOKEY OBD system update

2017-05-01 new firmware update version 1.25

ADD TOYOTA 71, 74 smart card lost all OBD II exemption
ADD TOYOTA smart card refresh
Optimization of TOYOKEY OBD CAN system update

2016-10-1 new firmware update version 1.15

The 82 generation correction operation
ADD 48 copies

2016-07-28 new firmware update version 1.13

ADD recognition TOYOTA 8A smart card chip, distinguish between primary and secondary key
ADD TOYOTA smart card key is empty
Optimization of copies of T5-20 11, 12, 13 chip
Optimization of 42 copies, 42 copies of blank PCF7935 support